Some cultures believe the camera steals the soul

Perhaps it is true that I have stolen someone, but, between ourselves, there are also people who need and want to know the soul and the spirit of the other people who live on this planet called Earth. 

Indeed, the photography is like an open window to the outer world, with a particular framing from which we imagine the rest of the landscape that has not remained well-defined inside the camera lens: the smells, the weather, the wind’s murmur, the sound of vegetation, animals, and persons, what can or could be behind the looks and eyes. 

I regard myself as a global citizen that use photography to create a complicity with the reality to penetrate into it: do you dare to be my partner? 

All the exhibitions are itinerant exhibitions.


Please contact me to consult the availability if you are interested in presenting or showing some exhibition in your space or gallery.

Other looks, other horizons

With the exhibition “Other looks, other horizons“, I intend to take you on a wonderful journey across the five continents with our five senses. 

This is the personal view of a traveller with an interest in anthropology who decides to travel around the world with a camera, seeing it through other people’s eyes, sunrises and sunsets, emerald-coloured seas, sweetness of children, and through living day by day with people who welcome me.

Markets of the world

The markets relate to the origins of civilization. Their importance is so great that they deserve the dedication of an exhibition. 

An exhibition whose sole purpose is to catch their own spirit, saturated with smells and colours. An exhibition whose aspiration is to build in some way a world market, understanding that all markets play a similar function: the recreation of the same diversity of peoples and cultures that shapes the world.

The innocence of a gaze

Although it is difficult to make a selection of the best innocent children’s gazes I have found on my journeys, I have always looked for their open and genuine smiles. 

With «The innocence of a gaze», I wanted to pay tribute to all these small beings, who, wherever I have been, have accompanied me and shook my hand wherever I went, and always as the easiest door, as well as the most honest, to introduce me into universes that are different to ours.

Tribal Cultures

Tribal cultures” includes fifty photographs of my experiences with more than forty ethnic groups from all over the world. These primitive cultures are still kept safe from the increasingly globalized world. The ethnic groups are synonymous with culture, demonstrating that the variety of our planet is very wide. Get to know them by means of their knowledge is nothing more than feeding our own life, a dynamic that transcends towards our own personal evolution.

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