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In addition to traveller, I am a speaker. I make of my unique experiences a differentiating and exclusive value using the images as a way to increase awareness, thrill and transmit knowledge.

People say that I have a passionate nature with a great skill to communicate, showing all my trips and learnings by means of revealing and dynamic presentations and talks.

My audio-visual talks are accessible in cultural centres, institutions, universities, foundations, professional associations, and there, where they are requested.

We grow while we travel. Travelling feeds our knowledge, our spirit.


The aim of my audio-visual talks is to offer through my travels and images the opportunity to reach, know and enjoy two worlds: that one of the audiovisual, and that one of the country itself in its fullest meaning, since this double approach is a way of penetrating in its history, customs, gastronomy, ethnic groups, landscapes and people; so that you could know it without needing to visit it or you have the desire of doing it.

Travelling is a passion that few of us possess and that we wish for all of us.

The Expert’s Opinion

We are used to seeing documentaries on television. However, the audio-visual format, in spite of being well-known, is not very widespread as a medium. Synchronizing slides, that is to say still images, with a script and background music is a technique that requires a specialist to get good results, and Jordi Llorens is certainly one of them. Passionate about travelling and a keen photographer, he organizes himself […]. Once back at home, with the aid of specialized techniques, he makes his montages that combine grace with lyricism, knowledge and sensations, photography with words and music.
Freqüència, Manresa «Cultura»

Talks for not sleeping

Hold on to your seats. During fifty minutes and without moving from the chair you can have a walk around Argentina. A trip to the cold and the silence, which on Wednesday evening filled the Caixa Tarragona auditorium […]. Llorens set himself to show his travels in another way. He selected the photos, chained them with music and united them with a voice-over—his own voice—that tells from the most basic information to know the country until the sensations that produce in him the landscapes and people he finds in his path. […] When the projection ends, the lights go on while the public applauds. “Does anybody want to ask me anything? About this trip or others…”. But before the questions, then congratulations come to him. “If I wanted to go to Patagonia, now I have a hundred times more”, says a young woman. “Really fascinating”, considers an elderly man.

Sara Sans

Corresponsal, La Vanguardia

Jordi Llorens’s audiovisuals have to be seen in strict relation to his pictures because, both the range of themes in the basic idea that inspired them are similar to the images and their content.

These audiovisuals have been seen all over Catalonia. This facet is probably the creative side that is best known to the public.

La Mañana, Lleida

Why do I do talks?

Our curiosity is always infinite for everything that is unknown and attractive to us. The dream and the wish to see more, find out more, know more, in short, live more.

When travelling, we collect unusual experiences that make us different, and ultimately, better human beings. For that reason, by means of my talks, I intend to raise awareness about other cultures and other worlds in a pleasant way, and at the same time, in an educational way.

My personal goal is none other than enlightening you about unfamiliar realities (ethnic groups, cultures, ceremonies) and encouraging interest in the diversity that surrounds us, learning across unique and vital experiences (trips and coexistences), and thereby revealing the cultural knowledge rarely divulged or unknown.

The most interesting thing about describing a journey is not telling where we have gone, nor where we are going, but what we have experienced in each moment of our trip.

The format of my talks

The talks have usually an audio-visual format in which every subject is approached through its respective documentary. At the beginning of every presentation is offered a topic introduction, and after the viewing of every audiovisual is opened a pleasant conversation between the attendees. But also, it is possible to hire me for another type of formats.

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