Tribal Cultures

 Itinerant exhibition

  • Number of photos: 49
  • Minimal surface: 90 m2 adaptable to the exhibition space
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Tribal cultures” includes a series of photographs of my experiences as a consequence of living together with more than forty tribes from all over the world. Primitive cultures who are still kept safe from the increasingly globalized world. The ethnic groups are synonymous with culture, demonstrating that the variety of our planet is very wide.

Tribal cultures” is a tribute to the lives, lands and values of these peoples, exploring the relevance of their beliefs and wisdom for the benefit of our time. It promotes the message that the indigenous peoples are twenty-first century societies, like ours, similarly modern and dynamic.

Tribal cultures” is a portrait of the beauty and diversity of indigenous peoples, exposing, simultaneously, the humanitarian and environmental crisis that threatens their survival. A call to action to put human values above economic interests, an alert to slow down climate change and the destruction of tropical forests. The message to give the well-deserved recognition to indigenous values of balance, humility and reciprocity.

Tribal cultures” shows us that our Planet has wonderful places and surprising cultures that make us feel proud of the diversity in which we live. The exhibition includes a selection of objects used by the different tribes and ethnic groups, which proves the cultural wealth and the capacity of adaptation and creation of the human being wherever he goes.

Selection of photos of the exhibition

Report on the exhibition


The Media’s Opinion

This avalanche of looks portrayed by the traveller, together with the richness of necklaces and pendants, the abundant face-paintings, the diversity of objects with which the head is covered or the piercings… are themselves a fascinating journey. The celebrations, the colour, the exotic beauty, the bizarre objects, and, even, the tattoos—originating in Samoa—are becoming an invitation to life… Life is definitely complex and contradictory, and “Tribal cultures” encourages us to exercise this wider look.

La Vanguardia

Councilwoman of Culture, Mireia Rossell, has explained that “this is a highly recommended, intimate and direct exhibition that allows the viewer to travel to inhospitable environments on the planet through the protagonists of each one of the images.” With an artistic and creative vision, the photographs of Jordi Llorens i Estapé show the impressions and experiences lived by the Granollers’ photographer in search of the cultural integration in primitive tribes, who still survive in a highly globalized world like the present one.


Opening Ceremonies photos

Space photos

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