Other looks, other horizons

 Itinerant exhibition

  • Number of photos: 50
  • Size: 46 de 40x50cm  and  4 de 60x80cm
  • Adaptable to any space




With the exhibition “Other looks, other horizons“, I intend to take you on a wonderful journey across the five continents with our five senses.

This is the personal view of a traveller with an interest in anthropology who decides to travel around the world with a camera, seeing it through other people’s eyes, sunrises and sunsets, emerald-coloured seas, sweetness of children, and through living day by day with people who welcome me.

When you look at these images, I hope you begin daydreaming without closing your eyes. These are images that reflect light, shadows, colours, horizons and gazes, so that our mind is opened to new ways, towards unknown worlds and cultures.

Selection of photos of the exhibition

The Media’s Opinion

An exhibition that teaches you how to look, and at the same time, makes you think, enriches people’s creative capacity, and opens new means of communication. These photographs by world traveller Jordi Llorens i Estapé defy the technical perfection to give priority to creativity […] proclaiming the presence of an unceasing gaze and horizon, so that we can enjoy them; in other words, the gaze and horizon of the author.
Joan Sala Vila

Revista del Vallès

Just as a tourist is not the same that a traveller, an exhibition of tourist photos is not the same that one of travel photos either. With a good traveller and even better photographer as Jordi Llorens, the only possible outcome is an exhibition of snapshots that breathes experiences, colours, and different cultures.
La Vanguardia - "Hoy Sugerimos"

Jordi Llorens i Estapé is a globetrotter, an experienced traveller and a curious observer who uses the camera as a tool that serves him to capture what he sees, lives, and feels. The camera represents for him what for a painter represents the palette in which explodes the colours. Thus, this allows us to discover other looks with other ways of looking and other worlds with other horizons.
Ramon Abad Belando

Doctor & traveller

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