The innocence of a gaze

 Itinerant exhibition

  • Number of photos: 44
  • Structure:
    • Two presentation banners.
    • 12 stands about 2 meters with two photos in each one of 60×80
    • Two panels 2,30×1 with ten photos of 30×45
  •  Adaptable to any space.
  • Minimal surface: 40 m2





Although it is difficult to make a selection of the best innocent children’s gazes I have found on my journeys, I have always looked for their open and genuine smiles.  

With «The innocence of a gaze», I wanted to pay tribute to all these small beings, who, wherever I have been, have accompanied me and shook my hand wherever I went, and always as the easiest door, as well as the most honest, to introduce me into universes that are different to ours.

It is my intention that the viewer spends a little time of great beauty, sensitivity, tenderness and serenity. And to make that the viewer, by looking at these photographs, will

be able to capture the gesture, expression, gaze and feeling. Trying to get he can remember what it is to see the world through the child’s eyes. Beside these little ones, I have received their particular view of humanity, finding the magic instant at the right time, sharing light and colour, letting myself be carried away by the language of their gazes. 

People often say that behind a photographer there is often an artist, since only an artist can achieve that an image has as many levels of interpretation as the spectator is prepared to discover. This does not happen in just one of these images, but also occurs in the majority of images featured in this exhibition.

Selection of photos of the exhibition

The Media’s Opinion

The Jordi Llorens’ success consists in the fact that he is not full of himself. […] The children that Llorens photographs look at the spectator and ask us: what have you done with your innocence? Throughout his journeys, the photographer says that he has constructed “a human cartography of small islands and gazes where, possibly, the destructive human hand has not come yet, and which preserves an inner world of illusion, purity, innocence and tenderness”. The pictures want to be a tribute to the children that Jordi Llorens has known during his travels around the world […].

Jordi Folch

Writer and Journalist

The childish faces, presented in large dimensions, create a strong visual impact and many of them have a fixed and direct gaze, which is the exclusive protagonist. Their innocence, accompanied by questions, is reflected in their eyes […]. Under this single theme, we perceive a surprising environmental beauty of places and countries in which, for children, life does not seem too pleasant. There is no doubt that this is an informative lesson for visitors.



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