Markets of the world

Itinerant exhibition

  • Number of photos: 68
  • Structures:
    • 26 panels of 2 cm thick and size: 210×93 and 230×55 cm
    • 7 panels of 7 cm thick and size: 230×90 and 230×170 cm
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I cannot imagine visiting a country without visiting its markets. The market is something that all cultures and civilizations have in common; it is the heart of the towns. It is a space where things are sold, but also where things happen, where a culture expresses itself in all its diversity.

What makes a market magical is not what we can find there, but what we feel there, the confusion and curiosity caused on our senses. People go to the market to buy things, but they also go there to listen, talk, and, therefore, live. For these reasons, its importance is so great that I have wanted to dedicate an exhibition in its honour.


The photos of this exhibition have been able to capture the ambience and the colour, the looks of the people and the bustle of the crowds. The great diversity of habits and customs of the people who walk and live their lives in the market.

Markets of the world” it is divided into a series of panels where there are reflected three main topics about markets:

The ancient heart of towns and cities

Every culture has its own spaces. Open spaces and enclosed spaces, markets in the warm waters of the Orient and markets in the dust of dry Africa. The diversity of market spaces expresses directly the diversity itself of the cultures and civilizations. But, above all, they are meeting spaces, culture spaces.

A world of smells and colours

Every culture has its specific products and all of them share between themselves some basic products. The oriental spices are combined with the meat and fish; a thousand decorations and textile pieces fill the bazaars; the fruits and vegetables exhale their natural fragrances. The markets are an exchange of complex ways of confronting the daily subsistence. 

Ways of looking at life

Different races, different languages, different customs. Men who sleep under the same awnings. People waiting, smiling, trading from dawn to dusk. People who live their lives in the market. Deep, sharpen, happy, and sad looks, in short, the eyes of the world.


Selection of photos of the exhibition


The Media’s Opinion

Jordi Llorens has walked halfway around the world and has devoted special attention to these everyday environments, which go unnoticed by tourists eager for monuments, local colour, and strong emotions. The look of Jordi Llorens allows us to imbue ourselves with spice aromas exhibited in bags; hearing the shouting of the African street vendors and looking at the richness of colour of the women vendors in the Andes. Come closer; get lost in the alleys and squares, inhale intensely the vegetable smells and pay attention to the protagonists’ words.

Àgata Dalmau

Cultural critic

The Catalan travel photographer, Jordi Llorens, says that he never misses the opportunity of visiting the schools and markets of the countries he visits because it is there where the life of the place is best revealed. Now, he shows us its purely photographic side with the exhibition “Markets of the world”. Dedicated to reliving precisely the universe of the traditional markets in Asia, Africa, America and Europe, the exhibition is based on the many reports that Jordi Llorens has undertaken in recent years, and which pretends to be a reminder of the colourful, captivating atmosphere, and diversity offered by these markets.

El País «Cultura»

Space photos

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