The Quiet Traveller

The ‘quiet traveller’ is the appellation given to a person who loves travelling calmly, the spirit with which I feel most comfortable. I have always travelled to learn and discover, to feel immersed in the wealth and beauty of the human experience. I am attracted to primitive cultures on remote islands where the life walking slowly over the time, that singular time so far away from our world and our urgency. 

Travelling makes me turn back, having experiences that I had only seen in history books and that, as a result of my travels, it has

enable me to choose among all what I have lived with absolute freedom, learning to move around anywhere and everywhere in the world by going beyond all kinds of situations foreign to my daily life, sometimes giving a decisive step into the unknown. It is a personal challenge with which you prove to yourself that your self-confidence and your personal development grow within you.

Never ask the travel more than it could give you. Ask it only for the sky above your head and the path under your feet

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