What nobody shows

In this blog, I do not try to explain to you the journey in detail, but to summarize the experiences that impressed me most. I will show you what nobody shows you, approaching you some of the lesser-known aspects of the destination and about the people who live there, always in search of unexploited places.

Do you dare to penetrate borders, taboos and prejudices with me? Travel across my writings, we will know together worlds where the prejudices have no place, the differences are an incentive and the unknown catches us!

Kaokoland: the land of himbas

My affection to know unknown ethnic groups took me to an african country, Namibia, where the few of the three thousand himbas that exist today live there. It is a minority group that have not accepted external influences and that keep their customs and traditions...

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Northeast of Brazil: state of Maranhao

Thousands of African slaves transported from the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, who had to become accustomed, in another country, to a new religion and a new language. From this forced and brutal transfer germinated a seed that is largely the coastal Brazil of...

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Villages of Sepik river

My first trip to Australia, I went with a friend.  We were looking for excitement in our trip wanting to contact primitive peoples but we knew that in Australia we would hardly find them. It was when we decided to travel to Papua New Guinea, the island to the north of...

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The Corn islands of Crusoe

The Corn Islands are located on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and was the culmination of my trip in this country. Many times I end the trip on islands where I can rest and enjoy the last days of the trip. To get to them you have to arrive first in the city of...

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Archipelago of Bazaruto

One of the reasons for my trip to Mozambique was a photograph I saw at a fair in Paris. As a person that attracts me to the sea and its islands, I was fascinated by this photograph so much that after contemplating it and asking myself how there could be places like...

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The Nusa Tenggara islands: Sumba

I remember when I said that I was going to travel to the islands of Nusa Tenggara; I saw faces of surprise around me. Naturally, although the name sounds like islands of the Pacific, the place is unknown. These islands are located in the...

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Tibet, where the earth lives with the sky

On the roof of the world there is a lack of oxygen, light and good food. It is already well known that Tibet is a place not for the body but for the soul, in which to listen to it and bring it peace with an infallible recipe – simplicity, beauty and silence. Situated...

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