The World of Religions


Hinduism: Kumbh Mela, the world’s biggest religious festival

Following a brief introduction to Hinduism, we will travel to Allahabad, the Indian city where every twelve years, millions of Hindus from all castes, social classes, doctrines and sects, come to take part in the greatest immersion and healing ritual of India, the Maha Kumbh Mela.

Islam: Brunei, Harar (Ethiopia) and the Arab Emirates

Following a brief introduction to Islam, we will get into Brunei, one of the smallest and yet richest countries in the world, hidden in one of the biggest islands on the planet: Borneo. And then, we will know the sacred city of Harar, the Islamic stronghold of Ethiopia, before concluding with the Arab luxury of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Buddhism: Burma, the kingdom of the eternal smile

Following a brief introduction to Buddhism, we will know Burma through the photo of a Burmese monk taken eighteen years ago. A rich country with a cultural heritage of golden pagodas, temples, lakes, markets, and especially, its people, the most important country’s heritage.

Orthodox Church: The Timkat Festival (Ethiopia)

Introduction to the Orthodox religion to understand and live through the most important Ethiopian religious festival, the Coptic Epiphany (Timkat), where they exhibit, once a year, the Tabot, the Ten Commandments tablet.



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