The ‘Blue Dreams’ World



The ‘Blue Dreams’ World is a travel to unfamiliar islands capriciously scattered over the world and connected by the common colour of their waters, that emerald-blue colour which hardly we find around us unless we travel to distant lands. These islands will make us dream of the fact that still there are unexploited lost paradises around the world, and mainly with people who will open us humbly the gate of their virgin territory.


Thailand, Bangkok and the secret islands of the Andaman Sea

Following a visit to bustling Bangkok, we will enjoy the nature of the secret islands of the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand, where there are in their purest form their beaches of turquoise waters and coral sand with a blinding white colour, which seems the best destination so that a pirate hides its treasure.

The Comoros archipelago, the islands of the moon

Comoros, an archipelago where time seems to have stood still, and where its inhabitants, open-minded and friendly, open us the gate of this still virgin land. Scattered around the Indian Ocean, the beautiful and mysterious Comoro Islands offer all kinds of charms to disconnect from the world for a while.


Lombok, a hidden paradise

Lombok, a refuge for all travellers unable to resist the charm of its white sand and turquoise waters. One of those small paradises on Earth with which Nature has presented the fascinating and diverse Indonesian archipelago.




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