Ceremonies and Traditions


Funeral Ceremonies

In this talk, we will discuss some of the funeral ceremonies and traditions that I have lived in some of my journeys.


Sulawesi (Indonesia), life and death in Toraja country

In Toraja country, the death is not considered an illness, but a reunion with the souls. The ritual costs force all the deceased to stay in their own homes for months, and even, for years, while their families find the necessary money to deal with the expenses of the ceremony.

Madagascar, The Famadihana

The ancestor worship and the return of the deceased to receive a new shroud are the most surprising elements of Malagasy culture, where the Famadihana is the exhumation ceremony of the Betsileo and Merina ancestors, each of which lasts between two and three days, and that every family celebrates every seven years.

Tibet, the sky burial

We will know how the sky burials for Tibetans are. The way so tough that they have to say goodbye to their loved ones the day of their death.

Traditional Ceremonies


The Samoan Tattoos

The Tattoo is an original Samoan word derived from the root “Ta” or “Tatau” that means tapping lightly. The tattoo is an expressive symbol of status and distinction, but it has also served to differentiate free individuals and servants, cure illnesses or as an ornamentation of the body, passions, instincts or desires.






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