Nicaragua, between two oceans


Nicaragua is a land of volcanoes and large lakes with inner islands, a land of exceptional rivers with a thousand and one stories, a land of recondite lagoons with great ecological value and oceans such as the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, which wash its shores and enrich its territory.

A land that is a good sample of the America that trembles in hurricanes and lives on love, as Rubén Darío wrote, the most universal Nicaraguan poet.

Nicaragua has offered me the joy and the exuberance of its nature, the magnificence of its colonial cities and its ancient archaeological sites.

I was pleasantly surprised by the experience of sharing, with its people, a country with a big heart.

I walk away in love with that Nicaragua which touched Julio Cortázar so much: “Nicaragua so violently sweet as its abrupt sunsets, when from the rose and orange turns into a green velvet and the night falls full of tiger’s eyes, aromatic and thick.”


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