Around the world in eighty moons

A travel book

  • Photographs: Jordi Llorens
  • Text: Cristina Alonso
  • Publisher: Sirpus
  • Year of release: 2000
  • Number of pages: 189
  • Language: Spanish


If the title must have any influence on the reader, I do not really know if the moons could be defined as the basis for the concept of the book or the journey itself. This is not a novel, this is not a manual, and this is not an essay or a biography. This is an undefined genre, outside the established patterns. 

Each chapter begins with travellers who have made history and who have some connection with the experiences that follow immediately, and which introduce the conclusions, ideas and suggestions. 

This is not a book that explains my trips in detail. The most representative experiences have been chosen, those ones showing my development as a traveller from the first journey to last. While I feel myself maturing as a person, in a similar way I feel that my journeys are also maturing, and I am discovering the way I most like to travel. 

The lived experiences show details and practical ways about the manner in which I move around the world without the 


lifeline of an organization. However, I realize that not everybody is prepared to go out into the outside world without having first travelled into their inner world.

This is why I insist on having sections, both personal and real, to encourage people to overcome their fear of the unknown. Each section presents an experience. Each experience is an excuse to discuss topics that can offer ideas and suggestions. Each subject is shown from my point of view as a traveller. 

At the end, each reader will be able to decide if they are going to settle back down into the way of travelling that best suits them once again, or if they are going to dare to undertake, partially or completely, a new way of travelling. What is true is that I offer a way of travelling that works, and which changes with each person’s contribution at the level of its own personal values. 

Maybe this is a travel book, maybe a book of suggestions, maybe a book about experiences; or maybe, this is simply a book just like the person who reads it.

The Media’s Opinion

The traveller and travel photographer from Granollers explains in a novelized way his travelling experiences across the five continents, and shows some keys to go it alone for those who want to learn how to travel in an independent and alternative way, outside the tourist circuits. He tries to prove that the adventure is within the reach of everybody, and motivates us to overcome the fear of the unknown. Speaking of his book, he says that, “from my trips, I collect memories, experiences, and also, some moons of nights full of adventures that occurred in other latitudes […]”. This is a book filled with simple and useful ideas. 

He suggests us, through his experiences, how to confront the unexpected, how to be organized, how to get around, how much you must spend or how to travel with children by distant countries. 

The book, with a foreword by the mountaineer and doctor Josep A. Pujante, it is divided into chapters headed by famous travellers: Marco Polo, Cook … It includes also several photos of the author. 

If you dare to read it, you will verify that you enter into a fascinating world, and perfectly narrated. You will find many and accurate reflections such as, “Never ask the travel more than it could give you. Ask it only for the sky above your head and the path under your feet. The most common is that you will run into troubles of all kinds: just be patient; when you travel, you are precisely exposed to any setback”.

Paco Monja. Revista del Vallès


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