The United States, small thing to say

Yes, there is no need to give too many details. But only to point out to you that during my first trip I was 21 years old, and I went to make a stay at the home of a family from Pittsburgh. I remember that the father was a doctor and had three very nice daughters. One of them by chance turned 18 in that period, therefore I could be present at all the details and arrangements of the typical celebration and coming-out party of a young American girl. They lived in a house that reminded me of the film “Gone With The Wind”. The father was a collector of classic cars and presented me to the “American” society through the meetings of the Rotary Club. Here it was the first occasion in which I spoke in front of an audience, and I so young then!

Having finished my stay, I took advantage of the occasion to visit New York, Washington, Boston and Niagara Falls.

Since this youthful experience, I have made more trips to visit friends in San Diego, and recently, I have returned to New York, a city that always makes me feel welcomed.

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