France, everything started here

I was small when I stepped France for the first time. It was in Cuxac de  Aude where I had cousins.

But as a teenager, when I was a high school student, I never passed the subject of French and that was when my parents, with 15 years, took me to a stay at the Paul Vallery University in Montpellier. It was the first time I left home. I lived in a university city surrounded by people from all over the world. I always say that it was here that the worm of wanting to travel began.

And the following year, I was at the University of Tours, improving my French. I will always remember my teacher Madame Errant who was the one who made me love foreign languages ​​and the one who gave me courage to take me to the exam to get the French diploma that finally I got. Fifteen years later I went to see her again, as an old woman, but she still remembered me.

From here, some images of the castles of the Loire in the Touraine region, while sightseeing.

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