Ethiopia, my favourite destination of Africa

I made already three trips to my favourite destination of Africa. During the first travel I knew the north using the public transport; in the second one, I knew the ethnic groups in the Omo River Valley; and in the third one, I experienced the Timkat ceremony in Gondar, where I recorded a pilot program for television.

Because of all this, it must be considered as the country where I have been more times, and certainly I will still live a few more times its magnetism. Ethiopia is a country of contrasts and with nice and affable people. Nowadays all its ethnic groups are already too much “touched” perhaps by the hand of the Western man, in a different state from that first time in which they are going to impress me so much. Today, I keep intact the mysterious intuition of which there will always be new places to be discovered in its vast lands. It has nothing to do with the rest of Africa, I am in love with Ethiopia!

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