Emirates, the first tasting

These images belong to my first travel. I was returning from a great country, Oman, and having made a stopover in Dubai, I took the opportunity to spend some days and visit three of the Emirates: Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

And, really, to be the first time they did not displease me. About Dubai, I would like to highlight the luxury of the great hotels, and especially, that of seven-stars, the Burj Al Arab, where I invited myself to a snack on my birthday with the succulent price of €87, the most economical way of entering. I also want to mention the sophistication of the shopping centres, the neighbourhoods where live the immigrants or the fact of seeing in progress the construction of the highest tower in the world, Bur Dubai, to which during my second journey (see “Countries”) I could already go up to the top.

With regard to Abu Dhabi, oh well, it was another surprise, having the pleasure of discovering the luxury of the second seven-stars hotel of the Emirates, the Emirates, this one more accessible. In addition, I witnessed the construction of the most luxurious mosque in the world, Sheikh Zayed, which also during my second trip was already finished.

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