Ecuador, a bad experience

I had just come to Quito and from the same airport I went to look for an Ecuadorian doctor of whom someone gave me his personal address. Back to his home, we did a stop in a travel agency to request information about The Galapagos, my next destination, with the unpleasant surprise that, when we left the agency, we discover that someone had stolen all my luggage.

Desperate and impotent, I had lost my diary that I had been writing since I had begun the trip in Argentina and Chile together with a small Olympus Trip camera. Fortunately, it had occurred to me to extract in advance the slides of the two countries that I had just visited previously.

We even went further to put an ad in the radio and newspapers giving a reward if someone found it, but there was nothing to do. I could only become aware and buy some new clothes to go away a few days to The Galapagos, a trip that I undertake by boat and sleeping in small hotels on the islands. During this unforgettable contact with the surprising fauna and the idyllic landscapes of the Galapagos Islands, I get rid of the upset, putting an end to my journey a little less bitter.


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